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In this query, we correlate the contributions to the presidential candidates against the crime ratings (0=Low Crime; 10=High Crime) in the neighborhood of the donor's residence.Go to the data!

Our Datasources
We use the following data sources to perform this query. The FEC data is updated once a month, so we cache it for short time periods to improve responsiveness without losing accuracy. Some of the APB crime ratings are also cached for short periods. Please visit them for more complete domain-specific information.

Dynamically Generated Results

The applet might take a few seconds to start displaying results. Click here for instructions on how to install the applet. Click on the arrows in the left column to probe deeper into the results.

Bush Supporters

Gore Supporters

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Can't Wait?
Here are canned results from a run conducted earlier today.

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How We Do It
To perform this query, we correlated information from the following sources on the web:

We first parse the first site listed above, and extract the URLs of the different filings by the Bush campaign. We fetch these individual files, and parse them in turn, extracting information about the individual donors. One of the pieces of information thus extracted is the zipcode of the residence of the donor. We then use this zipcode to probe the APB News web-site for the crime rating of the neighborhood of the donor. We extract this from their results page. We repeat this process for every Gore campaign donor that we find from the first FEC source. We repeat this for all the Gore donors using the second FEC source.

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Do It Yourself
Here is how you can do this yourself (see our Datasources section for links to appropriate pages):

  1. Go to the FEC page on Bush Filings.
  2. Click on each link there to retrieve the individual files. Save them to disk.
  3. Go through each of these files in turn, and for each donor, lookup up his/her zipcode
  4. Go to the APB News site, and enter this zipcode. Note down the Crime Rating.
  5. Tabulate these values.
  6. Repeat all the previous steps for Gore donors.

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