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In this query, we show movie stars who have given to the presidential candidates. We can't tell whether donors are acutally stars, or if they just have the same name as a star. So we list all the donors whose names' match a star's name, along with the listed profession of that donor, and leave it up to you to determine who the real stars are! Go to the data!

Our Datasources
We combine the following data from TRAY and Yahoo to perform this query. We have stored the Yahoo data locally, and cache the lookups into TRAY for short periods. Please visit the sites for more complete domain-specific information.

Dynamically Generated Results

The applet might take a few seconds to start displaying results. Click here for instructions on how to install the applet. Click on the arrows in the left column to probe deeper into the results.

Bush Supporters

Gore Supporters

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How We Do It
To perform this query, we correlated information from the following sources on the web:

For each star in the actors and actresses site, we consult the TRAY individual donors page and report any donors who have the same name as that star and who gave to the Bush or Gore campaign.

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Do It Yourself
Here is how you can do this yourself (see our Datasources section for links to appropriate pages):

  1. Go to the Yahoo! actors page.
  2. For each star on the page:
    1. Insert that star's name on the Tray individual donors page for the year 2000.
    2. Tabulate the donations from that star's name to the Bush or Gore campaigns.

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