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The FFF site suppotrts a number of queries related to Election 2000, in which you can correlate various facts regarding demographics and support for the Democratic or Republican party.
Want a sneak peek before running the demo?
Click here for some screenshots.

Profile the donors to the two campaigns!
Profile the donors to find out who they are. Classify them by occupation, location and employer. Donors Donors
Click on image

Find out who the people in your neighborhood gave to!
Pan and zoom through a map of the US showing total contributions from individuals to the Gore and Bush campaigns by geographical location. Map of the USA
Click on image

Are crime levels in your neighborhood related to the candidate you support? See for yourself!
Find out the correlation between support for Gore or Bush from individuals and the crime levels in the neighborhood that they live in. Crime
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Are your homeprices an indicator of your political inclination?
This demo shows the correlation between support for Gore or Bush from individuals and the value of real estate in the neighborhood that donors live in. HOME
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Know your Celebrities!
Find out which candidate your favorite movie stars support. See if they gave to Gore or Bush, how much money they gave, and where they live. Celebrities
Click on image

The Price of Freedom
This demo correlates a list of people that clinton pardoned with individuals who made donations to political campaigns. HOME
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Latest News
March 10, 2001
  • Come see us at ACM1 in San Jose!
  • December 13, 2000
  • George W. Bush named winner.
  • FFF to remain online
    post election.
  • November 6th 2000
  • Be sure to VOTE,
    Tuesday November 7th!!
  • October 5th 2000
  • FFF unleashed!!
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