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Sneak Peek

Want to see what the demo looks like without installing the latest Sun Java plug-in?  Here are some screenshots to give you a flavor.  They're no substitute for interacting directly with the data, though! And they show queries in flight .... meaning that the final answers are yet to come.

  • Donors broken down by occupation: this window shows the user browsing CEOs from Texas who gave to Bush, and CEOs from California who gave to Gore.
  • Mapper demo: this window shows Gore and Bush donations plotted on a map of the US.  In the real demo, you can zoom in for more detail.
  • Home prices: compare average home prices per state for Bush and Gore donors.
  • Movie stars: see what names in the Yahoo movie star list appear in the donor lists for Bush and Gore.  Can you distinguish the real stars and the name-alikes?
  • Crime rates and house prices: compare donations to Bush and Gore based on neighborhood crime rates, and see house prices in those neighborhoods.